Ecc81 tube

Upgrade your tube amplifier and preamplifier now! Also find datasheets and specs. Purchase JJ ECCvacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship!

Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube amplifier. Merknaam, Adzam, AEG, Haltron, JJ, Lorenz, Marconi, Mullar Philips, Pope, RFT, Siemens, Standar Sylvania, Telefunken, Tronal, Tungsram, Valvo, WF, .

De JJ ECC(12AT7) is buis met weinig ruis en microfonie. Een goede keus als fase draai (PI) buis of reverb driver. ECCis 12ATmedium gain pre-amplifying double triode. Can be also used as replacement for 12AX7 . Buy with confidence as the . A good choice for phase inverters and reverb circuits calling for 12ATtubes.

The ECCtube type is equivalent to the North American 12ATtube and can be . The 12atvalve is also know as the eccvalve.

A low gain valve enhancing the musical frequency without early distortion which is useful when you require a . The Mullard ECCwas designed for RF use and is of medium impedance. AT7= ECCand Equivalents (click on links below to check stock) 12ATPhilips. Far exceeding thquality of any 12attube being made today.

The Slovak heritage of superior industrial craftsmanship continues with the newly expanded line of JJ vacuum tubes. Check out the INFO -Section Power tubes will get shipped matched unless . Find great deals for Tung-Sol 12AT( ECC) vintage tube. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Groove Tubes has been manufacturing, importing, and grading quality power tubes for two decades. The tube may also be used. Fender tube amps now include Groove Tubes as standard.

For use in phase inverter position, we recommend triode matched option. Price list of New AVVT Tubes , Blow Out Sales AVVT Tubes , NOS tubes. Class, Va, Vg Ia, Ra, S. Amplification Factor = 60) R. IN STOCK: TYPICALLY SHIPS .

Triode, 25 – 1 100 5. Spend over $2and get free shipping! We also do special orders. AT(also ECC) Preamp Vacuum Tube. Large plate format, superior dissipation over the originals.

Perfect for reverb and driver circuits.

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