Desoldering pump

Desoldering various components is shown here. How to remove capacitors, relays and other components. These pumps has to be maintained like all sorts of equipment.

If you dismantle it and clean it up it will work again. Directions, Preheat the solder joint to be removed until liquified.

Bring tip of the tool to the molten solder and . Bekijk ons ruime assortiment van A-merken gitaaronderdelen en gitaar accessoires in de webshop. The piston is tensioned manually and secured automatically. It endeavors to provide the products that you want, . Solder pumps are used to clean heate. DESOLDERING PUMP TIPS, T- . It provides safe, low cost means of desoldering .

Get desoldering pumps from Techni-Tool, a trusted industry leader for over years. RSR Electronics Inc Electronix R455. High quality, durable and easy to use desoldering pump , nice helper for you to rapidly remove solder during soldering.

Be the first to write a . Browse our Computer Products, Electronic . Fast action, heavy duty automatic desoldering pump. Simply heat up solder joint, push button and solder jumps into the tube. Reset and do it again in only . Cylinder capacity mL, OAL mm, Weight g. Brand new and high quality.

Design to remove the solder from the circuit boards and more. This fast action, desoldering pump will help you complete the task . This heavy duty, high quality desoldering tool is efficient and durable. This high quality desoldering pump , featuring an anti-static tip is ideal for any soldering project.

The body is made of high-strength, durable aluminum.

At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics. A specially engineered high vacuum desolder pump made to exacting specifications, ESD safe and providing precise repeatable operation. High-vacuum desoldering pump removes solder around component leads in circuit board holes. Made of high-impact plastic and comes complete with Teflon tip . Steren solder sucker desoldering pump with all aluminum body.

Heated desoldering pump for quick desoldering.

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