Svetlana kt88 review

Am needing to retube my SF Power SE’s. It came with Svetlana KT88’s which do sound good but I have heard that the EH65tubes are . Sound of SED Winged C KTvs. Tube rolling and SAC Glowmaster KT. Problems with Svetlana KTand Sonic Frontiers.

Meer resultaten van forum. Looking for help to choose KTtube Steve Hoffman Music Forums forums. Forums › Discussions › Audio Hardware In cache Vergelijkbaar Vertaal deze pagina dec. And I severely intend to have one working set of Svetlana’s always. The new production in some Russkij plant, and reviews are quite positive.

What are your favorite new production KTand 65Power Tubes. Winged C KTusers april 20Anyone try the Genalex Gold Lion KTtubes? Meer resultaten van forums. Tubes/KT88-Tube-Types In cache Vergelijkbaar Vertaal deze pagina Many of the KT, KT9 and KT1vacuum tubes listed below have tube reviews submitted by our customers.

You will also notice we indicate the Top- Sellers . So what is my choice for a good KT\65type tube in the $or less per. Just keep that in mind when reading gushing reviews or descriptions of tubes. I compared KTfrom Svetlana , JJ and Elektroharmonix and found Svetlana ( with =C= logo) to be the best.

I exchanged them on Bewitch PP . I use the cj supplied Svetlana 6550C SED in my amps. Has anyone tried the new Gold Lion KTreplicas, Tungsol 655 EH 6550s, Shuang . Svetlana SV6550C Reflektor 20- 3. The Genalex was voted the best KTand the best tube in the shoot out. I think you have to read the reviews regarding sonic characteristics of each tube, and figure out how to . The purpose of this KT65KTpage is to give an overview of these electron.

Number Electro Harmonix – Sovtek – Svetlana S-Logo. I was also wondering why the KTfrom EAT (the diamond ones) are so expensive. Why do you think the Svetlana SED KTare the best?