Nemag socket

De Nemag kabelpeer is een speciaal door Nemag ontwikkelde eindverbinding voor staalkabels. Met deze socket ontstaat een onverbreekbare verbinding. The products of Nemag providing an efficient transhipment of bulk goods. The new rope pear socket S-type is especially designed for wire ropes. For example the 8-strings wire rope.

If you compare those ropes with standard wire ropes . General: The Nemag Quick Release Link has been balanced and perfected to become the most reliable, quickest and safest coupling method for ropes and ch. Documentation: Nemag_002. Nemag ´s quick release link and socket configuration makes it possible to connect and release steel wire ropes, chains and shackles rapidly and efficiently.

There are many different types of sockets : open and closed spelter sockets , open and closed swage sockets , wedge socket and Nemag rope pear socket. The rope socket Nemag 58A is cast on to the end of the rope. The special geometry prevents wear and is optimally suited to passage through rope pulleys. We can supply and fit the full range of Nemag rope sockets from stock.

For wire rope socketing. Contact us: Do you want outstanding service? Nemag introduces new design environmentally friendly enclosed . Crosby Spelter Sockets. Spelter socket terminations have an efficiency rating of 1, based on the catalogue. Kami menjual Socket dan Link yang kami jual berguna untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Mooring atau tambat.

Pear Socket Nemag Size 10. Selain itu Socket juga dapat digunakan untuk . Asymmetric wedge socket PSH 95A. Anugrah Sukses Marine adalah importir dan distributor resmi produk Nemag.