Kiss esc 30a

KISS FC – 32bit Flight Controller 1. KISS FC Distribution Board Cable . The  KISS ESC 30A For Use With 2-6S Lipo For Maximum Performance On Small Racing Quads. Dshot6for KISS FC and ESCs is already working well. Dshot 6ESC and FC – Flyduino KISS FC and ESC24A. The first Member of our new 32-bit KISS ESC Series: the KISS24A Race Edition. Over-current protection (measures the current and reduces it to max 30A ) . New KISS 30A ESC in package berichten april 204x New Kiss ESC 30A and 1x New Kiss FC 1. Brand new 4x KISS ESC 30A KISS v1.

FC bericht maart 20Kiss FC – PWMnot spinning up correctly berichten aug 20Meer resultaten van www. Flyduino KISS 24A ESC – RotorRiot – Rotor Riot Store store. Electronics In cache Vertaal deze pagina Beoordeling: – ‎reviews – ‎US$ 2- ‎Op voorraad The KISS 24a ESC is the latest evolution to come from the mind of Felix Niessen,. A ) and fast reacting overtemperature protection reduces the . The size of the KISS 24A ESC is x 27mm, which is smaller than the KISS 30A of 21x35mm. To be exact, the dimension is 19.

KISS 24A ESC Race Edition – 32bit Brushless Motor Ctrl. KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One (FC + 16A ESC x4). KISS – ESC -2-5S-24A-race-edition-32bit-.

Rotorgeek12a sustained over 30a for close to a minute!