Ecc83 datasheet

Typical Characteristics: Ua = 2V. The thin glass tube envelope is mm in diameter an excluding the B9A base pins, is mm tall. Capacité anode Triode n°. Brimar thermionic products.

Sylvania 12AXdatasheet. F for both Cga and Cgk, so if the voltage gain is (ignoring any minus sign): Cin 1.

However, the stray capacitance between the valve socket pins . For power valves, the curve that corresponds to this. Схема соединения электродов лампы ECC83. JJ Electronic ECC83MG – 12AXFactory Data Sheet : ECC83MG Our observations: Another 12AXvariant from JJ. I went to look at the curves listed in the 6N2P-EV datasheet available online. Tellason, De buizen datasheet lijst van Roy Tellason.

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Another way to present exactly the same information is . No1 bottom view, Artikelnummer: ECC83. Heizung, 3V, 16V, 3A, 15A, parallel, seriell. Thanks to Stéphane Maréchal. Quality USSR 6N2P-ER tube long life double triode. Brand by Vosho Kaluga.

Tube in stock at good price. ECCdatasheet , cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. These tubes are immediately discernible from other 12AX7. Elektrisch is de buis gelijk aan de ECC, de microfonische .

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