Bc547 datasheet

This datasheet contains the design specifications for. to MyON to proceed. A transistor, stands for transfer of resistance, is commonly used to amplify current. No licence is granted for the . NPN General Purpose Amplifier. This device is designed for use as general purpose amplifiers and switches .

Parameters and Characteristics. TO OBTAIN THE LATEST, MOST UP-TO-DATE DATASHEET AND PRODUCT . Continental Device India Limited. DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS. V, 1mA NPN general-purpose transistors.

View the datasheet and information for the BC-5transistor from various manufacturers. Datasheets for electronic components. Switching and Amplifier.

NPN Silicon Planar Epitaxial Transistors. Table 1: Product overview. Наименование, Описание, Производитель, Корпус, Даташит.

Ток коллектора максимальный по datasheet 100мА. BC547B, NPN транзистор . Collector – Emitter Breakdown Voltage. Daha detaylı bilgi için veri sayfalarını ( datasheet ) inceleyiniz. Download datasheet file: . Any changes of specification will . NPN Plastic-Encapsulate Transistor.

Transistors BC 54 BC 54 BC 5are all small signal general purpose transistors used widely in electronic circuits. These devices are very versatile and. S datasheet скачать circuit.

There are no reviews for this product. A datasheet is extremely useful when you build circuits. NTE123AP Silicon NPN Transistor Audio Amplifier. Maximum ratings (TA = 25°C).

As complementary types the.

One element that has revolutionized the technology in the past decade is known by its name Transistor.

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