Arduino primo

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Thanks in advance for the answer, Bart. Will you be supporting the new arduino primo soon? Features, Specifications, Alternative Product, Product Training . It combines the processing power from the Nordic, . That makes it easy to prototype. The PRIMO combines the processing power from the Nordic.

RFprocessor with WiFi. I have downloaded the neopixel adafruit libs and everything .

I have investigated it and the issue is simply that Visual Micro is compiling too much. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE and NFC allow for . The Primo has the first arduino platform that also contains . D printed enclosures tend to be really light. Le prime schede dotate. There is no support for this, very few examples and the only thing Arduino. Primo is that it is sold out with no indication that it will ever be in . Also on display at CES this year is the Primo Core which we first saw . Smart Low Energy (BLE) , NFC-A Near Field Communication . Arduino PRIMO CORE può essere montato su una scheda . Available at our Berlin Maker Store!

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