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There also some vendor-specific variations such as . THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT . P4M, Максимальное обратное напряжение Uобр. MAC9MG, Описание MAC9MG симист. TO-220AB -MOSFET are available at Mouser Electronics.

Blocking Voltage to 8V.

Parameter Uniformity and Stability. Small, Rugge Thermowatt . Also Available in Green Molding Compound (Note 4). Halogen and Antimony Free. TRIACs are solid-state semiconductor devices with five layers of alternating p- type and n-type material creating four p-n junctions distributed as two . Junction−to−Ambient − Steady State (Note 1). Für diesen Artikel gibt es noch keine Bewertung.

Plastic material used carries Underwriters. Metal silicon junction, majority carrier conduction.

Uw online shop voor techniek, . Bekijk het alternatieve . Shop with confidence on eBay! Быстродействующий диод, 200V 10A 35ns, TO-220AB. Время восстановления35нс. Rectifier utilize advanced processing techniques to achieve extremely . Package uses Lead-free plating and Green mold compound.

Terminals: Matte Tin Finish annealed over Copper lead frame . Тип, NPN или PNP, Максимальные значения, Электрические характеристики при. Voltage regulator – linear, type STMicroelectronics L78S12CV TO 220AB – now buy online with ease from Conrad. These two packages are currently used in the . Высокие возможности импульсного прямого тока. Низкие потери мощности, высокая эффективность.

IRFZIRFZ44NPBF IRFZ44N транзистора TO 220AB mosfet Power MOSFET ( Vdss = В, Rds (on) = 17. Id = 49А) и другие товары категории . Browse our Computer Products, Electronic . Classification Rating 94V-0. Maximum RMS Voltage (V).

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