Smd transistor

Marking of electronic components, SMD Codes 3F, 3F-, 3FW, 3Fp, 3Fs, 3Ft. F, TSLP-3- BC857BL Infineon, PNP transistor , Download datasheet. B, SOT-2 BC846B, General Semiconductor (Now Vishay), NPN transistor. SMD Code, Package, Device Name, Manufacturer, Data, Datasheet.

G, SOT-2 BC847C, General Semiconductor (Now Vishay), NPN transistor.

SMD General Purpose Transistor (NPN). NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for. Switching and Amplifier Applications. Npn smd transistor available at Jameco Electronics. SMD Transistors , PNP SMD Transistors , NPN SMD Transistors.

Collector current: IC=0. V, 5mA PNP general-purpose transistors. S Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Unique.

De flitser van mijn fototoestel doet het niet meer, na enig zoeken heb ik een vermoedelijk defecte transistor gevonden. Deze transistor is van . TRANSISTORS (codes are producer dependent). SMD codes theremino system – SMD codes – Page 1. SMD Darlington Transistor (NPN).

It is specifically designed for aerospace . EVE Item Number: BC846BSMD. My Item Reference (SKU):. Show Alternative Products . Equivalência de transistores, circuitos integrados, diodos AL.

The key advantage of this project is that the TUT ( transistor under test) is pressed hard onto three PCB tracks that lead directly to sockets into which a . Presumably, transistor is low noise, above 2-GHz. Information about the different SMD packages used for Surface Mount Technology SMT. SMD transistors and diodes often share the same types of package.

Kost normaal circa € maar nu zeer voordelig! Compleet met aansluitdata.

High Density Mounting Phototransistor Optically Coupled Isolators. Een transistor bestaat uit een kristal van een halfgeleider in een afgesloten. SMD – transistors toegepast.