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Find great deals on eBay for NTC 10K in Electrical Pots, Trimmers, and Thermistors. NTC thermistors for temperature measurement. NTC サーミスタ(温度検知・温度補償用)チップタイプ. NTC -thermistoren bij Conrad.

Voor techniek liefhebbers – goede prijzen en uitgebreid assortiment.

All-purpose temperature sensors. For complete curve computation please visit the “My Vishay NTC curve” at:. NTC Thermistors, Radial Leade Standard Precision.

These negative temperature coefficient thermistors are resistors . It endeavors to provide the products that you want, . Negative Temperature Coefficient or NTC type . As the temperature increases, the resistance decreases and is used for over voltage protection. It is installed parallel in a .

For temperature compensation, temperature measurement and control. NTC : passive temperature probes are devices that provide the value of the heater , which is converted into temperature by the electronic control. OF DISC (D-2: 2mm, D-5: 5mm). F: , G: , H: , J: , K: , L: ). Buy Thermistor NTC for Temp. Sensor 10K , NXFT15XH103FA2B150.

Browse our latest Thermistors offers. TEMPERATURE PROBE NTC 10K OHM. NTC-Thermistor Overview. PTC: Positive Temperature Coefficient.

Dit is een NTC (Negatief Temperatuur Coefficient) weerstand met een nominale ( graden C) weerdstand van 10k. No, yes and yes, in that order. That means that the the resistance will decrease (or the conductivity will increase) with an . Buy Brand New Thermistor Wired NTC 10K 0. Circuitrocks Philippines. View Thermistor Wired NTC 10K 0.

Manila, Philippines at . Resistance value: kOhm at 25°C Tolerance class: ± at 25°C Measurement. As temperature increases, the resistance of the thermistor decreases. Commonly used in audio amplifiers to prevent thermal runaway. Chip-offs or any other damage must not be caused during handling of NTCs.

Do not touch components with bare hands. Идеально подходит для измерения жидкостей, .