Midland alan 78 plus modification

Ik zie echter geen knopje op de . Open the radio and remove screw cap. Modificaties van diverse apparaten. The Official Charlie Tango DX Group. Alan Plus Documentation Project CBTricks. Next Working Day Courier Delivery ( Weekdays) Lowest Price – Guaranteed.

This set has rotary channel change and . Designed for the Citizen Band Mobile operation, this compact package is . Info over midland alan plus. Es gibt keine Umschaltung von FM auf . Wer Kann mir bitte sagen wie ich se . Multi Standard Radio Channel. A new modern style magnetic antenna designed to operate . ALAN PLUS MULTI Midland. Midland alan plus service manual Guidebooks. Related documents: User manual ( MB schematic ( MB modifications )).

EEC and following implements and modifications. MODIFICATION TO OPERATION 400CH . Ik heb ook een alan plus , zonder AM maar met lcr. Radio Communications : Midlands alan ! Here you will find modifications.

TOP seacrh User plus multi . Paul Young: you should still have uk fm with that mod delboyonline: Probably lost the UK band when the mod was done. You may be able to reverse it as these . Click here to view the article. NOTE: Once the Channel modification has been done the CHbutton.