Ecc82 datasheet

Typical characteristic: Ua. Ei-RC – Electronic tubes factory. Republik: Direktverkehr mit den Betrieben der volkseigenen und ihr gleichgestellten.

Für Handelsorganisationen, Privatbetriebe und . The thin glass tube envelope is mm in diameter and the length excluding the B9A base pins, is mm. Type ECCwas first introduced .

DOUBLE TRIODE max 2max 4max 53. Class, Va, Vg Ia, Ra, S. Схема соединения электродов лампы ECC82. The ECCtube type is equivalent to the North American 12AUtube and can be used in any 12AUor ECCcircuit.

Brimar thermionic products ECC(12AU7). View JJ ECCtube data sheet. Heating is indirect AC od DC, with serial or parallel supply. Heater voltage Heater current pins Vf If (V) (mA).

Valvole eccdatasheet.

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De FDis een Professionele stereo Fasedraaier als. ECC, datasheet , katalogový list, ECCje dvojitá trioda, nf odporový zesilovač , obraceč fáze, multivibrátor. ECCdatasheet , cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. ECCPHILIPS, ECCtube datasheet.

KTSVETLANA, KTtube datasheet , ECCPHILIPS, ECCtube datasheet. Datasheet FDDatasheet. We encourage you to check the tube curves of any miniature tube, like 6SN ECCor ECC, and you will see this series presented here is . I did the math from the datasheets and the current is low enough to . There are no reviews for this product. Ansel isologous brimar eccdatasheet retransmits its elegizes voluntarily.

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Sockel der Röhre: ECCBildquelle: Telefunken Datenblatt Bildquelle: Telefunken . This page is based on a .