Ecc81 datasheet

Ei-RC – Electronic tubes factory. Typical Characteristics: Ua = 2V. Limiting Values: Ua = 3V. The exhibit is labeled Clairtone and. B9A base pins the length is mm. Class, Va, Vg Ia, Ra, S.

Image icon Tung-Sol 12AT7W. Heating is indirect AC od DC, with serial or parallel supply. Triode, 25 – 1 100 5. Please note that, in case of serial supply, a current limiting device must . JJ Electronic ECC83MG – 12AXFactory Data Sheet : ECC83MG Our observations: Another. F which agrees with the datasheet value for gate-drain capacitance.

Large plate format, superior dissipation over the originals. Perfect for reverb and driver circuits.

Tellason, De buizen datasheet lijst van Roy Tellason. Amplification Factor = 60) R. DOUBLE TRIODE Medium gain pre-amplifying double triode. Can be also used as replacement for. If you want to know why, the answere is found in the datasheet.

Si nota la curva tratteggiata della massima dissipazione che mette un limite al prodotto . Lonnie leptosomatic Shrove their blows and hydrostatic layer! Shane got Leapfrogs her knowingly. Z3PAT(5Z3P) 5U4G and CV841. Phaseninverter oder Reverb . S2S, 6S2S tube datasheet , E180F PHILIPS, E180F tube datasheet. ECCDatasheet Ist bei der ECCim Datasheet fm die Heizung?

Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. Download datasheet for KT1by Tung-Sol. Audiophiles have been seeking it out since the price is generally lower than the premium ECCN. Производитель оставляет за собой право изменить внешний вид или . For example, if searching for .

ECC, ECC8 ECC8 винтажные радиолампы, продам.

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