Creatibles diy eraser kit

The easy make and bake eraser kit where you can shape your very own eraser. You build it, bake it and erase . The portable kit includes twelve colors of . International Arrivals, Other binding, bol. Voor 23:uur bestel morgen in huis.

Supercool, uniek in Nederland en rechtstreeks vanuit Japan: maak zelf gum met behulp van deze kit en je magnetron! Van de makers van Fuwa Fuwa klei. Mix the clays together for even more colorful.

Making mistakes has never been so much fun! This DIY eraser kit has colors of soft, pliable clay that you can shape into whatever object or critter suits your . Soft and pliable eraser clay Erases super smooth Sturdy hard plastic travel box Erasers . Eraser Kit , which retails for around $12.

Now you can create your own erasers in fun, colorful shapes. Build it, bake it and erase with it! This pliable clay acts similarly to Sculpey. Make your very own eraser! Create silly characters . We spent all day creating ours and have added them to our eraser collection they are so good.

Bake your creation in the oven and you have an amazing eraser that YOU. Reason enough to make erasers in all sorts of shapes! Perfect addition to your list of kid craft ideas! With this easy make-and-bake eraser kit, you can shape your very own eraser into any object that you can think of.

Express yourself and make your own erasers. Top your pencils with your creations. Er is geen beschrijving beschikbaar voor dit resultaat vanwege de robots. Ready to make your own erasers?

Just create, bake, and erase!

Magic Puffy Pens – Set of 6. Includes pliable clay colors that can be mixed for . Description: bars of eraser clay, new, still wrappe pictured examples made by another package. Fast delivery, full service customer . Clay colored white, yellow, . The package contains six bars of amazing eraser clay in various shapes and colors that will . Check out this awesome eraser clay kit and all the things you can make with it. ADD TO MY REGISTRY VISIT WEBSITE.

Other gifts members are adding to wishlist registries: View All. Voor eraser clay shop je op Etsy, dé plek om je creativiteit de vrije loop te laten.