Automotive relay

Mouser is an authorized distributor for many automotive relay. Understanding how the relay works will help. Read our guide to relays found in vehicle electrical systems. High current switching (inrush current 100A) relay for automo- tive use.

Automotive Mini ISO relay.

Plug in and Weatherproof . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. For NO contacts, measured when applying 1 rated votage on coil. For NC contacts, measured when applying zero voltage on coil. From passenger comfort and infotainment to higher DC voltages and power levels to harsh environments, our relays and contactors provide critical switching.

They are often used to . Sometimes, relay coils are used together with switches, and no freewheeling ( flyback) diodes are used.

This will work, but every time you open . A sample sketch is included. Browse our latest Non-Latching Relays offers. G8NB has been designed to correspond with various kinds of automotive applica- tion as the successor to the. Capable of interrupting max. The switching section and . A typical automotive relay has four or five terminals.

These terminals often have numbers, as shown above. This circuit can be tested with an ohmmeter. Panel mounting with quick-connect brass unplated terminals. SPDT silver tin oxide contact. Ships for free on orders over $25.

Our plug-in automotive relays range from 20A to 70A for under bonnet . Compact size miniature PCB relays. Special design of high performance for motor control of wiper and sunroof, and window lift control.

Available in amperage ratings from amps to 2amps. Following is an example of relay operation in an automotive fog light circuit . Door Lock, Power Window, Sunroof, Power Seat, . Plastic enclosed relay, 1. Mounts in standard automotive relay. Quickly and accurately test four and five terminal electromechanical relays used on many US and imported automobiles. Will interrogate and identify an .