Anderson sb50

Available in Blue, Gray, Re Yellow, Orange, Green and Black. Recommended for use with and gauge wire. Kit includes the housing and contacts . Mouser biedt voorraadoverzichten . Please note: Instructions are included with each crimp tool for terminating specific contacts. A connector kit includes all the parts .

Grijs stekkerhuis met twee kontakten voor max 16mmkabel. Dit is het type stekker waarvan geen contrastekker bestaat, twee . SB-connector for golf cart chargers and other battery chargers. Anderson Connector SB50.

In stock with quick shipping! Complete with terminals for 16mmcable. Description, Catalog, Qty. Genderless design makes assembly quick and easy and reduces number of parts stocked.

SB POWER CONNECTOR – 1. Buy ANDERSON POWER PRODUCTS 134Gonline at Newark element14. ANDERSON SB-(50Amp) connector housings are suitable for currents of 50Amps. Red connector – used for Volts applications. Universal battery cable.

Ideaal voor verbindingen tussen uw motor en accu. Twee stekkers passen in elkaar voor . Provides industrial quality and durability. Genderless Design – Makes assembly quick and easy and reduces number of parts stocked. De contactpunten van de anderson stekker 16mmzijn te krimpen en te solderen aan uw stroomdraad.

Original parts and connectors only. Camp Rice Formation: (L. Blancan) Huspeth Local Fauna. Click here to view larger image. Find great deals on eBay for anderson sband trex 800.

HANDLE ( SBRED) Eligible for Free. Get great deals on eBay! Searching for anderson sb connector Automotive Battery Equipment products ?

Hardware bag with mounting screws included. This is for the handle and hardware pack only not .